Updated: Dec 12, 2021

I am qualified and trained on this amazing technique that have been around for many many centuries.


Hmmmm... I decided to share this Authentic Tantric Massage Technique in London / Glasgow / Los Angeles / Ibiza and Edinburgh... after an episode that happened to me back in my childhood... to share an amazing practice with people right after my own experience with the technique. You'd be surprise by the power of this ancient practice.


I was born in Rio - Brazil, grew up in the states back to Rio beginning of 21st century. I'm mainly of Native American Indigenous roots. Been travelling around the world since.




Of course I enjoyed being touched by one of the houses worker (man​)

I was only 10yrs old when it all happened for the first time. I never spoke to anyone about it, end of the​ day I enjoyed as mentioned and couldn't really make a story out of this. At that point nobody would believe me.


One of the relatives tried to abuse me and again it sounded wrong but it was nice perhaps a bit painful but I didn't have that notion / never realised what was right or wrong.

One thing I know is that this caused me so much trouble while I was growing up. I started to feel that I needed to be abused to be able to feel satisfaction. One day 2005 when I decided I was an Eagle rather than a chicken I said to myself... I need to be able to get rid of these pictures / thoughts.

I went for a Tantra Practitioner and thats how it all started...


I decided to share it with people who might have been through what I've... I had to face it. Oh believe me it does HELP! I can't wait to meet you and to listen to your story. For the last years I've had so many situations that it is good to write a book.

Try this out, I guarantee your satisfaction, anonymous and integrity.

There is more to life than this!

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