take control of what



To embark on this journey is to be able to experience what is hidden in you.

Bring out!!!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. 

stop thinking



  1. Take a walk in the rain...

  2. Cleanse your aura by smudging it with healing herbs…

  3. Take a cleansing bath...

  4. Visualize the auras of others...

  5. Surround yourself with positive energies, and keep your aura close to you...

  6. Surround yourself with sunlight...

  7. Lastly, try and strengthen your aura with a simple exercise...

A relax pleasurable experience which incorporates different Tantric Massage techniques working the whole body with particular emphasis...


Indeed what is to come will be better for you than what has gone by.


Your Greatest Self.


...put your energy at ease and relax...

...tick the doubt button TODAY...




The most popular massage session I offer. It is a session to relax you, to de-stress you, to explore your senses.

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Fix what's been triggering you 

Nobody has never touched me like that!!! What an incredible experience despite my ignorance of not knowing what exactly to expect. This is the real deal. Very clean and safe, easy to find and good for parking in the heart of Merchant City. Highly recommended. See you again Jhessy.





Apart from the wonderful experience, Jhessy has a great sense of humor and an amazing personality. I have enjoyed every second of it!!! Will definitely come back!




Wow. This was a big deal for me as I am very spiritual but I do not like to be touched. I have never had a massage. Jhessy put me immediately at ease with her warmth and the incredible environment. The experience will be different for all however I left feeling healed, connected and relaxed.

M. P



This was a great experience and I would highly recommend it. This was my first time and it was worth every penny, just relax and leave yourself in the capable hands of Jhessy.... enjoy


Andy O



I underwent a major operation recently and was unsure about my sexual recovery from this, I ended up looking for assistance. After reading about Tantric I made a call to Jhessy who explained the technique in great detail. This then led to me making an appointment with a certain amount of apprehension. I met with Jhessy who talked me through the process again including the importance of breathing properly, prior to the 90 minute treatment session. Jhessy is a true Brazilian Beauty and is such a lovely person with great a caring attitude and was really interested in helping me. I felt at ease right from the start and, with Jessy directing my breathing, a fantastic movement of energy throughout my body receiving a mix of soft gentle strokes and a more intense pressure. I have now just completed my third appointment with Jhessy and its fair to say i notice a difference and can honestly say this fantastic girl has brought me back to life with her sensual yet stimulating Tantric Technique. i cannot speak highly enough of this girl, she really is the best of the best. Thanks Jhessy for giving me back my zest and energy. i am on the way to a full recovery and will be back for more of this fantastic experience. Unrivalled quality, treatment and interest xx





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