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  • Would love to visit by but need your recommendation on what session to do?
    First of all we need to make sure we know the following: when you think of something like this what comes to your mind? what do you want to get out of your session? what's you goal? general question to fit you into the right session.
  • Confidentiality of your sessions?
    Absolutely! Discretion and respect vital here.
  • What does Connection means?
    Connection it’s about building up, finding chemistry, exchanging energy, flowing that energy throughout your body and focusing on breathing. It’s a technique - knowing where to touch, how to touch and when to touch is KEY.
  • How does Mutual differs?
    Mutual is a great session for one who is greatly involved chemistry, sexual energy, atmosphere, comfortable and at ease with me. We shall have an amazing session if we have that. Every time you get a session even if it is mutual it will be different outcomes due to the journey we are experiencing and how connected we are. Tantric is a very diverse world it does take time step by step. If you are not comfortable yet choose Technique.
  • Availability
    I'm mostly flexible and I can always adjust. GIVE IT A TRY! Send a request with your desired date and timing and I'll certainly have a look for you - perhaps give you an alternative. It's always good to book in advance, last minute might also be available at times. I'd be more than happy to fit you in. :)
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