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Tantric Tailored Massage 

 It's a great opportunity to have the Tantric TAILORED Session in Glasgow if you are not sure which session to choose. You might want to tell me what you like and we shall adapt to this session.

You will get to know more about yourself and learn more about finding you, understanding the little boy inside you. This is a session if you are indecisive and just want to enjoy your time for whatever it comes on a base of the technique of Tantric and find a way to discover the best of all of Tantra.

Along the session I'll learn to address your needs and adapt to the technique itself to better suit your expectations and needs. 

  We all have traumas and fears, emotions from our childhood. It is known that from age 0 - 15 everything is formed and indexed in your hippocampus located in your brain's temporal lobe. How is it affecting you? 

Learn more it might surprise you! £350 


     Book your EXPERIENCE will not regret it.

***The time length of the session is not key, every session is different.

 Please allow more time than usual***


*** Keep in mind that all sessions are entirely personalised and intuitively facilitated. The list above is just a small array of practices or skills that can be gained. Ultimately, what you would like your session to focus on and what kind of skills you would like to gain is entirely up to you and your individual needs.


***All sessions are conducted playfully in a private and safe environment***

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