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Technique / Mutual        £200 - £300 - £400

The Tantric Massage Technique is thoroughly what? how? when? you do things.  What to do, how to touch and when to touch. Where to conduct that energy is key. Building the chemistry and connection. 

The Tantric Massage Mutual journey to your inner development. It is a session to develop an "us" - chemistry, energy flow, exchange of vibration, breathing and eye contact (if desired). INTENSE


A way for you to learn how to share and be loved - to give and to receive. It is a body to body contact. Leading you to the mutual contact which is the key.


***The time length of the session is not key, every session is different and every session differs. Please allow more time than usual.


*** Keep in mind that all sessions are entirely personalised and intuitively facilitated. The list above is just a small array of practices or skills that can be gained. Ultimately what you would like your session to focus on and what kind of skills you would like to gain is entirely up to you and your individual needs.


***All sessions are conducted playfully in a private and safe environment***

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